Measuring glass for the opening of a cabinet door frame for glass seems simple enough and we could assume everyone knows what to do and there is really no need to review. However, this is such a critical part in ordering your panel this step warrants a careful explanation of what to measure.

Step 1.

measuring step 1

Go to the back side of the front cabinet door frame. There is a grove called a rabbet running around the inner edge of the door frame. This is what the glass panel will sit in and this is what we need to measure.

Step 2.  Measure full panel size

measuring step 2

Measure the width and length of the full size that will receive the panel. This is the most important size. The panel will be made slightly smaller than this size and therefore it is critical this is as accurate a measurement as possible. This is also the size used to determine the cost of the panel.

Step 3. Measure the sight-size

measuring step 3

The sight-size is the measurement of the opening where light passes through. This is the area of the glass panel you will be able to see from the front of the cabinet door frame. This size is important to ensure that the panel is made to show only what we want to see of the glass panel from the front.

Step 4.  Measuring the depth

measuring step 4

While not critical it doesn’t hurt to provide a measurement of the depth of the rabbet.


So when ordering a custom glass panel you will be providing the;

panel opening size both H” x W”

sight-size both H” x W”



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