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This summer I completed a custom door project for BAC Design Group here in Traverse City.  A fun project that started in the spring when I recieved a design concept from Marty Rhein at BAC Design. Marty’s idea was to take a map of Torch Lake and use it as an outline for the window.

door design conceptdoor designglass design

From the design and concept phase the glass is selected and layed out to full scale. The glass circles are called rondels and come from Kokomo Glass in Indiana. The clear flat glass is hand blown from Lamberts Glass in Germany.

glass door design


The lead lines drawn and the cartoon is prepped to cut out the patterns that will be used to cut the glass. The glass is all cut by hand using a simple glass cutter. The edges are filed and deburred.

glass door glass cutting

After all the glass is cut it is carefully layed out to get ready for assembling the glass panel.

glass door layout

The next step is using lead came to assemble the panel. The lead is carefully measured and cut using a lead knife.

glass door assembly

Once the panel is assembled the lead joints are soldered on both sides of the panel.

glass door panel

The finished door with glass insert.

lakemore door

photo by Kaity

custom glass door