leaded glass cabinet doors

These simple but elegant leaded glass cabinet doors are a stained glass panels made with three large clear chunks of dalle de verre glass surrounded by weak seedy glass. All our glass for our leaded glass cabinet doors are made to order. For more cabinet glass designs click here.

How to Measure for Cabinet Glass Insert

How to Install Cabinet Glass Insert

3 faceted and polished glass nuggets surrounded by hand blown weak seedy glass fabricated in the traditional lead came method
$160. per square foot

to determine square footage multiply width times height in inches and divide by 144.

(height” x width”)/144

plus shipping and tax if shipped in the state of Michigan

Ordering is simple.

  1. Once you have the insert selected send us an email, guido@kuhldoors.com . Be sure to include in your email the name of the insert, how many you want, size along with the shipping address.
  2. After we get your email we will send you a formal quote listing the total cost and ask for a $200. deposit along with the signed quote to get started.
  3. Once we have a ship date we will ask for the balance of payment before shipping your insert.

Allow 8 weeks from receipt of deposit for delivery.

Place an Order or Ask a Questionguido@kuhldoors.com