Throughout my website I keep emphasizing hand blown glass, over and over ad nauseam. But what does that really mean, ‘hand blown glass‘? (Before explaining further I recognize the proper term is mouth blown glass. I should always write mouth blown glass, but since most people say or more importantly search for hand blown glass and because I want to increase my Google Ranking, I am going to stick with hand blown glass.) What does that mean? Exactly what the proper term says, mouth blown glass. Someone, a very skilled someone, gathers a lump of molten glass at the end of a hollow pipe, takes a deep breath and blows into the glass like you would a balloon. What the artisan does from there is truly incredible. Below are two videos from two of my favorite suppliers showing how hand blown glass is made. Take a look and see for yourself why I keep emphasizing hand blown glass. 

Lamberts Glass is a glass manufacturer in Germany. Watch how they make sheets of glass. I use Lamberts glass in all the windows I make. Rarely do I use anything else for the flat glass. If you ever make it to the Washington National Cathedral and see the West Rose Window or look at the clerestory windows or the George Washington Window and the Lincoln Window you are looking at Lamberts Glass. My father revered Lamberts Glass and so do I.

Rondels, I love rondels and if you look at most of my work I use a lot of rondels. I get most of my rondels from Kokomo Glass Company in Kokomo, Indiana. Great folks to work with who supply me with beautiful hand blown rondels.