While we do not sell the actual door for the leaded glass insert. We do have some recommendations on where to get a door. We will try and make that process simple and painless. I know it would be easier if we did everything but our expertise is in glass, and that is what we want to stick to. More important, this will save you money.

Type of Door

First decision you have to make is what type of door you want. Wood or Fiberglass (could also do metal but not highly recommended)


Looks great. It is why we use wood doors for our photos, can’t beat it. The big draw back is that it does not hold up as well as fiberglass to the elements. If your door is fully exposed to the sun or does not have an overhang protecting it I would seriously consider fiberglass.


If you plan on painting your door a solid color then go with fiberglass. If is durable, strong and holds up well to the elements.

Where to Buy Front Doors

If you are struggling to source a flush panel wood door or any type of door (our inserts can be made to fit any size opening) here are two sources we highly recommend.

Simpson Doors

Back we shipped doors with leaded glass inserts installed we used Simpson Doors a lot. Quality doors that we never had trouble with. They have an extensive dealer network and you should be able to find someone close by that sells Simpson Doors.

If you want a flush panel door from Simpson we recommend model #49900 contemporary exterior door . This is a flush panel, wood veneer door with wood core staves. Good quality.

Frank Lumber Co. The Door Store

Another option for ordering doors is Frank Lumber. They will have any option you want, wood, fiberglass, range of prices and options. There knowledge and service is great. They will preying your door, drill for lock sets, even stain and finish your door if desired. They will even cut out the opening in the door for your leaded glass insert.

For exterior wood doors they will sell you a 1 3/4″ flush door that is used for exterior doors but is not recommended. What they make and recommend is a 2 1/4″ wood door for exterior use. It is more money but a high quality door. And they sell the fiberglass doors.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.