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kühl doors, llc offers custom made leaded glass windows. All our leaded glass windows are hand crafted using traditional stained glass techniques. Along with traditional methods we use nothing but handblown glass. Every part of our glass panels is hand made. Because our panels are handcrafted you get a unique piece of art for your home that is personal to you. Even though we rely on traditional methods does not mean our designs are. All our designs are original and unique. We not only have designs that reflect traditional tastes but also mid century designs and contemporary designs you will not find anywhere else. Not only do we offer a range of designs we offer a range of prices. High quality, custom made does not mean high prices. We provide a range of prices along with all the information you need to order a glass insert. kühl doors, llc is a small studio located in Northern Michigan and ships anywhere.

Stained Glass for Bathroom Window

Stained Glass for Bathroom Window Ah, the bathroom. Twenty years ago the bathroom was built just big enough to enclose a tub, shower, toilet and sink. [...]

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stained glass transom

Stained Glass Transom Stained glass transom windows provide just the right custom element to your home. A transom window is a great way to transition from one room [...]

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Stained Glass Windows for Home

Stained Glass Windows for Home When you hear someone say stained glass what do you immediately think of? A church or a cathedral, right? A stained glass [...]

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Stained Glass Panels

custom stained glass panels for the home Five or six years ago I was fortunate enough, thanks to Marty Rhein of BAC Design, to work on a remodeling [...]

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custom stained glass

Custom Stained Glass My design process for custom stained glass work is a little backwards. Normally, before I have a client I will see [...]

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Hand Blown Glass – Mouth Blown Glass

Throughout my website I keep emphasizing hand blown glass, over and over ad nauseam. But what does that really mean, 'hand blown glass'? (Before explaining further I recognize the proper term is [...]

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custom stained glass window

Every custom stained glass window we make is made to order. We can take any design to fit any space, whether it is for a door, a cabinet or just a [...]

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Background – Artisans and Craftsmen

This past summer I took my family to Germany and the small town of Wiedenbruck where my mother and father grew up. My parent's history in Wiedenbruck goes back hundreds [...]

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Faces of Duke Chapel

Stand in the nave of Duke Chapel, look up at the clerestory windows. You see a kaleidoscope of glass colors. Focus and you see each window is based on a major figure of [...]

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how to make stained glass – a short film

How To Make Stained Glass - in 45 seconds. Having some fun with stop motion camera. What you see is the whole process of making a stained glass panel; full size cartoon, [...]

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