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kuhl doors, llc offers a bold line of leaded glass inserts for front entry doors. Unique, custom made, handcrafted leaded glass doors. We show you everything you need to get a beautiful glass front door you can not find anywhere else. Come look at our range of designs including a traditional designs to mid century modern to contemporary designs. We use only the highest quality hand blown glass incorporating traditional stained glass methods. Whether you are working with a contractor or doing it yourself, we will take you through all the steps necessary to get a beautiful, custom made front entry door. You do not have to spend a fortune to get a front entry door that is unique and personal to your home. We have glass front door solutions to fit your taste and budget. High quality does not mean high price. Take a look, you will not find our designs anywhere else.

Stained Glass Door

Custom Stained Glass Door Normally when I start a new commission I prefer doing all my own design work. Partly out of ego, I like trying [...]

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Front Doors for Sale – Where to Buy

While we do not sell the actual door for the leaded glass insert. We do have some recommendations on where to get a door. We will try and make that [...]

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making a custom glass door

Click edit button to change this text. Click edit button to change this text. This summer I completed a custom door project for [...]

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