Stained Glass Panels

custom stained glass panels for the home Five or six years ago I was fortunate enough, thanks to Marty Rhein of BAC Design, to work on a remodeling [...]

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Installing Glass Inserts in Cabinet

Installing Glass Inserts in Cabinet Door Installing a glass inserts in cabinet door is a pretty easy task. But like most easy things there are a couple of small details [...]

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custom stained glass

Custom Stained Glass My design process for custom stained glass work is a little backwards. Normally, before I have a client I will see [...]

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Hand Blown Glass – Mouth Blown Glass

Throughout my website I keep emphasizing hand blown glass, over and over ad nauseam. But what does that really mean, 'hand blown glass'? (Before explaining further I recognize the proper term is [...]

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custom stained glass window

Every custom stained glass window we make is made to order. We can take any design to fit any space, whether it is for a door, a cabinet or just a [...]

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Front Doors for Sale – Where to Buy

While we do not sell the actual door for the leaded glass insert. We do have some recommendations on where to get a door. We will try and make that [...]

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Background – Artisans and Craftsmen

This past summer I took my family to Germany and the small town of Wiedenbruck where my mother and father grew up. My parent's history in Wiedenbruck goes back hundreds [...]

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glass cabinet door – introducing new line

We are proud to introduce our new line of glass cabinet door. Whether you want to accent your kitchen with a touch of color or personalize it with an artistic piece [...]

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measuring glass for cabinet doors – DIY

Measuring glass for the opening of a cabinet door frame for glass seems simple enough and we could assume everyone knows what to do and there is really no need to [...]

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Faces of Duke Chapel

Stand in the nave of Duke Chapel, look up at the clerestory windows. You see a kaleidoscope of glass colors. Focus and you see each window is based on a major figure of [...]

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